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Launch of the new single table clippers

Lightweight and ergonomic - so that sausage production does not become a "back-breaking job". Find out more about the new CLIP SYSTEMS single table clippers now.
22. March 2023
New range of single table clippers

With the new range of tabletop single clippers, BECK CLIP SYSTEMS focuses on reliable "lightweights" that are easy to set up and easy to maintain.

The clippers are made of the highest quality stainless-steel and composite material, and comply with the very latest safety and hygiene requirements. Natural and artificial casings, nets and bags are fastened securely and gently. The new table-top single clipper range comprises four clippers that process different clip dimensions.


The standard equipment consists of an integrated knife for cutting off excess material, a handle for safe transport, and an adjustable clip closure. Optionally, the tabletop single clippers can be equipped with an automatic knife (on the right or left side, as required) and a pressure reducer.

Side view of new tabletop single clippers from Beck Clip Systems
At a glance

the new bCS-SC-series

Table-top single clipper BCS-50SC

The BCS-50SC table-top single clipper handles four clip dimensi- ons of the made by BECK XK-FA series.

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Table-top single clipper BCS-175SC

The BCS-175SC table-top single clipper handles three clip dimensions of the made by BECK XG-BHF series. 

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Table-top single clipper BCS-200SC

The BCS-200SC table-top single clipper handles five clip dimensions of the made by BECK XE-CAA series.

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Table-top single clipper BCS-700SC

The BCS-700SC table-top single clipper handles four clip dimensions of the made by BECK XS-HAA series.

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