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Maga meat press production

the maga® meat press

Thin and juicy at the same time? The Original MAGA® Meat Press makes the perfect cutlet, and not only that. Burgers, pizzas or other dough pieces can also be automatically and evenly plated with the MAGA® meat press. Interested? Take a look behind the scenes and the production of the high-quality MAGA® meat press at our site in Poznań, Poland now.

Maga meat press

Product video MAGA® meat press

Fast, easy, gentle and safe to use: The MAGA® meat press has everything you need for an ideal device for gastronomy and catering. Take a look now at what makes the MAGA® meat press special and how to operate it.

BCS-700AM Display HG

product video BCS-700AM

With its touch panel for configuration, its support plate with rollers, its mobile and height-adjustable undercarriage, its automatic loop feeder and its synchronous operation with the filler, the CLIP SYSTEMS fully automatic clipper presents itself as a jack-of-all-trades and ideal machine for production operations of all kinds. Take a look at our BCS-700AM in the product video now.

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