general FAQs

Do you have any general questions regarding BECK Clip Systems? Take a look at our FAQs.


Our clipper & clipping machines as well as the MAGA® meat press are manufactured at BECK CLIP SYSTEMS in Komorniki in Poland.

The failure rate of our machines is very low. During the warranty period, we have a failure rate of less than 0.1%.

Our clippers & clipping machines are used worldwide for clip closure solutions and have been on the market since 1997. Since 1997 almost all clippers & clipping machines are still in operation.

All clippers & clipping machines produced in Poland were designed by the BECK team based on many years of global expertise and then further developed and optimized by BECK Clip Systems Poland.

The aluminum clips are manufactured in Austria at our headquarters in Mauerkirchen/Upper Austria.

When you buy our system, it doesn't matter if there are problems with the aluminum clips or the machines, we will take care of the solution quickly and without complications. This reduces the problem-solving time to an absolute minimum.

Our clippers have been specially designed for the meat processing trade and industry, as well as the dairy sector. Likewise, there are endless possibilities to adapt the clippers to other requirements and use them for clipping and packaging needs in entirely different industries, such as the chemical industry or the transport of live fish.

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